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Tokyo Mew Mew Sues


Sunzi: Official Tokyo Mew Mew Sue Sporker
15 September
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Hate the "I'm a New Mew!" cliche? Tired of Kish being in love with Sues? Do you want to end all the major rapage of the canon characters?

Be at peace...well, somewhat peace because I'm here to hunt them down and spork 'em to death!


Where did you get the idea of TokyoMew_Sues?
I got the idea from avatarsues. Mary Sues are in EVERY fandom. Really. It gets quite annoying. And Tokyo Mew Mew, one of my all time favorite manga, is infested with these Sparklypoo Shinystars. So I had to do something...

Do You Have a Rating System?
My rating system is based on one to four kirema animas, one being "good" and four being the worst. I hope to get pictures up here but until then...

One Kirema Anima - A Migraine
Your Sue is okay. The canon characters are kept in pretty good character. She does possess some Mary Sue-ish traits and the writing is alright but why is it a Sue-fic in the first place?

Two Kirema Animas - A Pain
Neh...the writing is on the border of being good and bad, and your Sue is not Super!Mew, but we've all seen the 'Kish falls in wuv with me after being rejected by Ichigo' cliche over and over again.

Three Kirema Animas - A Concussion
This is a terrible Sue. The canon characters are OOC, and this Sue falls under all the cliches. She is also a Super!Mew and the grammar and writing is beyond repair. There is also the negligence of the Enter key. Fan!Japanese is scattered everywhere and it's just sickening to even look at.

Four Kirema Animas - A Heart Attack
Oh my fucking god. The writing is horrible, nobody is in character, and your Sue is perfect. Everybody seems to love your Sue and not even the most minor character isn't safe from this Sue's evil clutches. This is the real defintion of horror.

Why did you put my Sue on your site, bitch?!
Becasue it had all the traits of a Mary Sue. Try fixing your Sue if you don't want it on here.

You are so mean!
Well, the Internet isn't full of pixies and rainbows. If the world of fanfiction isn't your thing, then get off and buy yourself a notebook.

My Info
I'm actually a pretty nice person in real life although I'm notoriously known to nitpick. Don't give me crap about YOU RATED MAH SUE WRONG!!!111 because I still have my sixth grade copy of the Rubric system. So oooooh back at you.

What are your favorite characters from Tokyo Mew Mew?
Retasu, Pai, Zakuro, Ichigo and Purin. Now, stop getting me off the subject!

I would greatly appreciate it if someone donated an icon or two, but I'm not forcing you.

Remember folks, friends don't let friends write Tokyo Mew Mew Mary Sues

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