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30 June 2006 @ 11:20 am
Yesterday might've been a Troll, but today's is a three.

Rating: Three Kirema Anima - A Concussion
Title: Give me wings to fly away
Suethor Author: Heavens-Whispers14
Name(s): Sora Aoyama and Chtib
Species: Human but Chtib is an alien
Hair color
Sora - black
Chtib - blue
Eye color
Sora - brown
Chtib - silver
Markings: none
Possessions: none
Connections to Canon: She's the child of Masaya and Ichigo. Here's my question: If people hate the MasayaIchigo couple so much, why in NextGen fics are they always together? I have yet to read a NextGen with KishIchigo or RyouIchigo...
Annoying Tidbit: Chtib? That's ''bitch'' mixed up.
Mew Mew Genes and Abilities: Red cardinal.
Mew Mew Outfit: A red tank top with a red neck band that held her pendant. Also has red gloves and gets red wings and a tail...

Yeah, it wasn't bad to be a four but it wasn't good to be a two either.

“I got to go home.” she said getting up. She then realized the red cardinal was gone. “Where did he go?” She asked herself. Just then a figure appeared in the sky. It landed in front of Sora. It was a girl a little holder then her. Her crisp blue hair blew quietly in the breeze, her silver eyes had a strange twinkle to them. A dark grey tank-top rested on her torso. She wore black spandex shorts that stopped at her knees. To give of her feminine side she wore a grey skirt over the shorts. Ankle boots what were surrounding her feet. She slowly approached Sora. Sora became scared. “Why are you shaking?” The girl asked. “I would try to enjoy my last days on earth.” She snorted. “What!” Sora yelled. The girl jumped up. Letting her blue hair fly up revealing large pointy ears. “Go Kimera Anima!” She commanded.

A huge red bird came swooping down. Sora began to run through the path surrounded by trees. The leaves scratched her face. She was tired, and exhausted. She didn’t know if she could keep this up. The blue haired girl laughed. “You can run, but he is going to catch you. You can hide, but he’ll find. No matter he’ll destroy you with no means necessary !” She smirked.

Sora looked behind to see the red bird catching up. Then she saw the little injured bird that was cradled in her arms. Was a monster! She lost her balance and fell. “No!” She thought. The bird flew high, and was prepared to attack his prey. A tear trickled down her face. The bird shot down at full speed.

A golden pendant landed by her side. She picked it up and looked around. “What’s this could for!” She thought. The bird came closer. “Ah…Spider powers!” she yelled. nothing happened. “GO, SHEBA!” She said hoping a black panther would appear. The bird was close the wind was blowing roughly. “Come on.” She cried. One last hope. “Mew mew METAMORPHISISE! She screamed. A pure white light shone. The bird stopped, and the large eared girl froze. “What the fuck.” She said to herself blinking a few times.

Sora felt the power go through her. Fire surrounded her legs, making it s way up her body as she span. Red boots were revealed, then a pinkish/red skirt appeared. The fire continued to make its way up. A red tank top was revealed. The fire stopped at her neck. There rested a red neck band that hold the pendant. Fire swirls surrounded her arms. Leaving behind red gloves. She opened her eyes, fire burning deep with in them. Huge fiery wings shot out of her back, and so did a tail. She jumped up and the size of the wing and tail was reduced. The light disappeared and Standing there was Sora. With red wings.

“Well, this doesn’t happen every day.” She said to herself.

How am I feeling? I feel: bitchynot caring
I'm listening to : pounding in my head...
Popuri 'n' Pipamylan on June 30th, 2006 10:42 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry, but the last time I checked, cardinals weren't an endangered species.

There's also the matter of gender confusion that the Sue seems to be suffering, as only MALE cardinals are red.