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29 June 2006 @ 12:38 pm

Sorry about yesterday. Here's today's Sue.

Rating: One Kirema Anima - Migraine
Title: Panther Blues
Suethor AuthorNekoBun
Name(s): Kobayashi Sumono, Ota Namiko and a Stu named Takamine Kichiro
Species: Human
Hair color: dark hair
Eye color: dark eyes
Markings: none
Possessions: none
Connections to Canon: Not said.
Annoying Tidbit: If it wasn't for the fact it was in the TMM fandom at the Pit, I would have thought it was original fiction.
Mew Mew Genes and Abilities: According to the title, I think the genes are panther...
Mew Mew Outfit: N/A

It's written very well to tell the truth. But this Sue is such an Emo McAngstypants *sigh*

What happened next was Kichiro looked at me with these really big, infuriated eyes. "What the hell is wrong with you, you bitch?" he yelped, his posse erupting in an outroar.

He reached out, grabbed the hair right next to my scalp and pulled so hard that my head went flying down in this lovely cascade towards my desk, smashing it really hard, sending my vision out of whack, everything fading out into whiteness, my breath jagging like daggers in my chest, and then an incredibly immense, pounding pain on the side of my skull above my temple. Then came the warm, sticky feeling of blood dripping slightly from my scalp.

I slowly slid off the desk, feeling my knees buckle as I met the cold floor. My shoulders began to shake. For a moment, I felt like crying. The pain was horrid, but worse was the emotion. The emotion of being lower than someone like him. The emotion of being trampled on. The emotion of resent; sweet, fresh resent, anger and blinding pain. I was dying. I was dying. My breath shuddered out of my shaken frame. Everything faded to black.

Something in the back of my mind started to talk to me.

What the hell? It cried out, observing my current state. What in the name of God is going on?

I’m dying, I informed the voice forlornly.

What? You can’t die, you moron. It’s only chapter one.

Yeah, but he smashed my head in, I said.

It was only a desk, the voice argued, And you still have loads to complain about later in the story.

Oh, I thought hopefully, really?

Well, sure! Plus, you aren’t going to die on a classroom floor, are you? the voice demanded.

I agreed. Yeah, you’re right… that would be really dumb…

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「someone oughta open up a window 」singing_monk on June 30th, 2006 01:35 am (UTC)
Hey, is this a Troll or something? Because she just got her head bashed in and she's talking about chapter one and complaining more...